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Welcome to the New Eureka Springs Webcam Site! It’s very exciting for us and our underwriters to present our new site featuring a new Basin Park Camera, Searchable Archival Photos and tons of new photos and information.

Our site was established to offer an inside view of our village, its history, its activities and the talented people who make up the Eureka Springs and Beaver Lake, Arkansas area. Our Webcams offer spectacular views of Eureka Springs' Basin Park Area, upper Spring Street and Beaver Lake and provide live pictures of everything from parades to our daily lives in Eureka and on Beaver Lake.  


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Our 1st camera shows the lower Spring and Main Street area of Eureka Springs with Basin Park in the background. This is the area where our parades normally end which, of course, provides many interesting pictures.

The 2nd camera is our new Basin Park Camera! After years of trying, we finally have been able to secure a location that provides a stunning view of Eureka Springs’ busiest park. It’s here where all the action is and where all the parades stop to put on a show. If you’re a “people watcher” then this is the camera for you!

The 3rd camera offers a great shot of the intersection of Spring and Center Streets and provides a stunning view of our historic Flatiron Building. With this camera being located across the street from our famous Basin Park Hotel, good time parties can often be seen on the second floor deck as well as happy shoppers toting their treasures along the hotel’s sidewalks.

Camera Number 4 affords our viewers a different perspective of Basin Park. This is the heart of Eureka Springs and it’s where the crowds gather to watch concerts in the Band Shell. It’s also the home of art shows, skate boarders, chess games and dog walkers. It’s where we live on nice summer days and shiver in January. This is the best camera to view if you want to see how the other half (our locals) live! Hold up a sign and say hello to the folks back home!

Our 5th camera provides viewers with yet another view of Eureka’s fabulous Spring Street Shopping District. Dotted with intriguing shops, prestigious galleries, cozy hotels and scrumptious restaurants, this part of our village rates high on our visitors’ lists.

Our 6th webcam is located on a secluded branch of Beaver Lake, one of Eureka Springs best kept secrets. Created about 50 years ago, it's unparalleled scenic views, water sports and fishing opportunities have created a bright future for our community. Excellent Lakeside Cottages and other overnight accommodations are available.

Eureka Springs Webcam Is Made Possible Through The Generous Support Of Our Eureka Springs And Beaver Lake Area Underwriters. Please thank them by showing them your support.

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